We just returned from a very special final filming trip for the Beyond Sight movie to Brazil.  We spent the first part of the trip filming Derek’s backstory in his hometown of Guarapari, Brazil.  The interviews with his parents and surf coaches were very powerful and brought out even more details to his story.  The Beyond Sight movie just keeps getting better as we learn the details of Derek’s life and journey to surf Pipeline!  I was able to be a guest speaker at Derek’s home church, meet many of his friends, get to know his parents better, and see how beautiful his hometown is.  Our team then traveled to Rio De Janeiro where I had met Derek one year prior.  In Rio our good friend Maria Pugliese and her team hosted a “Inspirational Night with Derek Rabelo” and we had special guests CJ and Damien Hobgood there to support Derek.  Derek and I also had a very memorable surf sessions with 11X world surfing champion Kelly Slater one evening in front of the WCT Billabong surf contest site.  Before I knew it the sun went down and it was very dark and Derek, Kelly, and I were the only ones still surfing.  I thought it was interesting when Derek said, “It is good for you to surf blind for a few minutes, I do it every time.”  You can watch Derek Rabelo surf on the live webcast before the final heat so tune in here online: http://wctbrasil.com/rio13  It was also fun to visit the Rocinha surf school who help kids from the poorest Favela in Brazil learn how to surf.  We had a very blessed final filming trip with the help of Nathan Apffel, Bruno Lemos, S4J Hawaii productions, Magno Oliveira,  Pedro Paulo, and Lucas Caiado.  Thank you to “Pepe” for the great production photos:  www.pepesilva.com.br.   Please follow us on Instagram for great photo updates:  walkingonwater7 is our Instagram name.  The rough cut of the Beyond Sight movie will be finished by July 1st, 2013 and we will then be making the release plan for either October 2013 or Spring 2014 depending on distribution opportunities.  WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR A FEW MAIN CORPORATE SPONSORS OF THE MOVIE!  Thank you for all your support!!!!  If you would like to host a screening of Beyond Sight please email:  [email protected]