Beautifully Flawed Retreat


Friends of Bethany Hamilton hosted a weekend retreat for young women with limb loss. Walking on Water and Surf Sessions hosted the surf lesson for the first annual Beautifully Flawed retreat on Saturday, October 5, 2013. The girls were nervous and excited as they watch a demonstration by pro surfer and fellow amputee, Bethany Hamilton. Anticipation soon turned to reality as each girl hit the water accompanied by volunteer surfers and lifeguards. The waves at Del Mar beach were the perfect size for learning and every girl inspired the beach by their courage, perseverance, and joy in riding waves! A few of the girls shocked us by their natural talent and even charged some waves on the outside!


“When we were planning the Beautifully Flawed retreat, we wanted it to be evangelistic, inspirational, and practical. I am thrilled to say that after the weekend is over, we accomplished each of these goals.

Many of the girls and their families have told me that the retreat was life changing for them.

Bethany and Lauren are able to relate to and speak to these young women in a way few other people can. Overall, we were all blown away with the weekend and the effects it had on all the girls and all of our staff as well!” Katie Ancheta, Friends of Bethany Hamilton Foundation


“I could not believe how well the girls did!  Bethany and I were both expecting them to need much more help than they did!  It was one of the most inspirational things I have ever seen in Surfing.”  Bryan Jennings