Sunday, October 12 was a very good day. Fall had technically arrived, but there was still plenty summer weather for us. The Walking On Water crew gathered at Del Mar 18th St. for what has become one of our absolute favorite surf sessions of the year. Joined by many gracious volunteers, our friends at Surf Sessions, the Del Mar Lifeguards and of course the Friends of Bethany Hamilton organization, we prepared for the exciting challenge of teaching 25 young amputee women how to surf.  Undaunted by the large surf on hand these 25 young women – who were flown in from all over the world to be encouraged at the Beautifully Flawed Amputee Retreat put on by the Friends of Bethany Hamilton – grabbed a board, got a private surf lesson from Bethany Hamilton and Mike Coots, and made their way for the water! Each girl, despite having lost a limb due to various circumstances, could only be described as determined, brave and as talented as they come. Bryan Jennings said, “Helping one of the girls who had only one leg stand up for her first time on a surfboard was one of the most amazing things I have ever experienced in surfing!” Walking On Water loves Bethany Hamilton because she is always giving back to others and making sure that she shares with them her faith in Jesus Christ. We were honored for the second year in a row to help the Friends of Bethany Hamilton and their Beautifully Flawed Amputee Retreat in San Diego.