The Word: John 16:33b

“In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

God promised us in His Word that we would suffer, be persecuted, go through trials, face spiritual battles, and have other difficult life experiences.  So, why are we surprised when they happen?  The good news is that God also promises that IF we allow ourselves to be pruned and trained by the storm,  we will later enjoy the fruit of the purposeful pain.  Battles and Blessings … Battles and Blessings… Battles and Blessings!  Jesus said:  “In this life you will have trouble” but don’t forget that He also said “Take heart!  I have overcome the world!”   So go into 2019 and the rest of your life expecting storms, but knowing you walk with the ONE who calms the storms and Walks On The Water!

Written by Bryan Jennings · @Bryanjennings7

Personal Story: Kyle Lane

Q:  How did you first learn about Walking on Water?  
As a middle schooler, surfing was my life, so my parents got me The Outsiders and Noah’s Arc movies. I’d watch them every night before going to bed just dreaming of surfing the next day.

Q:  What was the journey between being a WOW Fan and ending up on staff?
After watching the WOW movies as a grom about a million times, I worked one summer as a Counselor at the Walking On Water Surf Camps. I felt unqualified for that role, but saw God work in powerful ways. Then I felt really unqualified the next Summer when Bryan asked me (a fresh college grad who studied Business) to come take over the camps ministry for WOW. But again I saw God continue to work in powerful ways in the camp environment. Since coming on staff to run the camps ministry, I’ve fallen in love with the filmmaking side of the ministry as well. It has been amazing to work with and have made friends with a lot of the guys who made the movies that inspired me as a kid.

Q:  Most memorable moment with WOW?
My most memorable moment with WOW was definitely riding a bull during the filming of Surfers & Cowboys. That was one of the most intense moments of my life. We definitely had a lot of fun making that movie.

Q:  Tell us about your new role and how we can support or pray for you in that position?  
I’ve stepped into the role of Director of Operations for Walking On Water. Who would have thought my business degree would have come in handy after all? We’ve got clear direction on the ministry activities that we see God pushing us towards. But its been really healthy for us to first slow down, clarify our vision, and be very intentional to lay the groundwork for us to launch into this next season of ministry. It’s our same mission, with refreshed vision.

The best way for you to support me would be to gather your family and spend a couple minutes each week praying for Walking On Water: For the staff, for the films to be used by God, for the 2019 Summer Camps, and for the continued fundraising efforts. Finally, one very simple thing you can do is to connect Walking On Water with someone you think would love the heart and vision of the ministry.

Q:  A favorite verse or guiding principle for your life and ministry?
“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5

Girls’ Leadership Weekend

This March we will be starting up our Girls Leadership Weekends again for ages 13-18. These special weekends are designed to create a space for young women to dive deeper into their understanding of Christ and build community, all while enjoying our love for surfing. This particular weekend we will be focusing on the theme, “Being Made Alive in Christ” out of Colossians 3. We’ll talk about how we can miss out on the freedom of life with Christ as we battle through daily struggles and obstacles.  We can lose sight of our goal: to know and be united with the heart of Jesus. To let peace rule in our lives, a peace that surpasses all understanding and brings of fullness of life. This will be an epic weekend of fellowship, growth, and of course — surfing. For more information please email [email protected]

By Katherine Miranda

New Sponsorship Opportunity

We look forward to sharing God’s love and the powerful Gospel message with hundreds of students and their families this coming summer!
We are looking for corporate sponsors for our Walking On Water Surf Camps for the summer of 2019. This will be our 24th consecutive summer of camps. Like past summers, we will have day and overnight camps for ages 6-18. The title sponsor will have their logo on all of our digital and print promotion materials now through summer to over 20,000 followers on social media and for our email list of 5,000 Walking On Water fans. Your logo will be seen on camp posters and flyers in local restaurants, shops, and storefronts in La Jolla, Del Mar, Encinitas, San Clemente and South Orange County. The corporate sponsorship amounts of $5,000, $10,000, or $30,000 will be tax deductible donations to the Walking On Water non profit 501C3.
Email [email protected] for more information and to be a corporate sponsor.


Pipeline Masters 2018 VIP Trip

 We just finished the second annual Pipeline Masters VIP trip, and once again it was absolutely blessed in every way! The Lewis family of five won the live auction item at the San Diego fundraiser banquet. They stayed at the Turtle Bay resort, watched the Pipeline masters from the VIP area, met Kelly Slater and other Pro Surfers, body surfed Wiamea Bay, swam with scary sharks, and enjoyed really great encouraging fellowship. Whenever I am on the North Shore of Oahu, each day I have divine appointments that God seems to set up with people who have seen one of our movies or attended our surf camp. This trip included many of those encounters each day. We ended up having a very powerful conversation with a woman named Kathy, and as a result of the God-inspired conversation, she called her dad after not talking to him for over four years. What a blessing to enjoy God‘s creation and also know that we were making an eternal impact in peoples’ lives that we met along the way! Maybe next year we need to make it a Walking On Water family camp and invite a bunch of families because the experience is so amazing I would love to share it with more people!

Golden Springs Surfers & Cowboys

Pastor Raul Ries, of Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, has always been one of my favorite pastors to listen to on K-wave 107.9 radio. His son Ryan Ries has started a powerful ministry called The Whosoevers. Ryan travels the world speaking at public schools and sharing the Gospel. After seeing the Surfers and Cowboys movie Ryan wanted to make sure that we showed the movie at his dad’s church. It was a very special night with over 700 people in attendance and it included a barbecue and red carpet! It is always so encouraging to hear the audience react to the testimonies represented in the movie.

Beyond Sight Screening in Moldova

Recently we had the opportunity to go on a mission trip together with All People’s Church to Moldova, the poorest country in Europe. We spent two weeks there establishing relationships and connections with the locals.

Our big event was a skate competition we hosted in collaboration with the local skate shop and skaters. The event was held at the new skatepark in the capital Chisinau. We ended the event with the screening of the movie Beyond Sight. The main guy, and one of the best skaters in Chisinau, told me he always wanted to screen a movie at the skatepark. We hung a big screen from an abandoned building and let the kids sit down in the middle of the park to watch the movie. We added Romanian subtitles to the movie to help people better understand the message, even though many speak English. We even had a group of local surfers turn up because they had seen the event on Facebook.

People were really inspired and touched by the movie. Afterward, we asked people if they wanted prayer to see their own dreams come true like Derek. Most kids had never been prayed for before! We prayed for a lot of them and many of them were visibly touched by God. The movie was a great tool even in a land-locked nation, as people were inspired to trust in God and go for their dreams.

The movie was such a success that the team leader asked if he could show the movie again when he returns to Moldova.

Photography by Daniel Månsson •

Personal Story: Daniel Mansson

Daniel Mansson is a photographer and visionary, with a heart to mentor the next generation toward the creative. Daniel moved to the United States from his home in Sweden in 1994 and a few years later he met Bryan Jennings at an action sports trade show for surfing and skating. Daniel was inspired by the idea of using film to gather people and share the gospel. Soon Daniel had the opportunity to share Walking On Water films back in Sweden.

Since that time Daniel has had great success as a photographer and has also continued to seek opportunities to share the gospel creatively. Daniel, his wife and daughter were all able to go on the recent mission trip to Moldova. While there, they met a man who had a local skate shop and a coffee shop. As they talked, the doors quickly opened to show the Beyond Sight Movie at the skate park. The team got creative and used Google Translate to add Romanian Subtitles, and translated the entire movie! 200-300 people came and lives were clearly touched as following the movie they had time to talk to people and offer prayer. Later they had an art show and more opportunities to get to know the people. Considering how spontaneous this outreach was, Daniel believes the success shows great opportunities for future events involving movies, photography, and art. Daniel says what he thinks is so special about using movies for an outreach event is that you are there to “do” something. He adds, “We are not here to take but to give.” Daniel plans to keep giving and dreaming, and he hopes to encourage Christian creatives do use their gifts to do amazing things. Find out more about Daniel at

Written by Monica Swanson •

The Word : Proverbs 22:29

“Do you see someone skilled in their work? They will serve before kings; they will not serve before officials of low rank.”  –Proverbs 22:29

Creatives like Daniel Mansson are such an inspiration with their passion for using their gifts and talents to serve and glorify God. This reminds me of when Moses assembled the whole Israelite community to construct the Tabernacle of the Lord. (Read Exodus 35, it’s really exciting!) He called on people with all different kinds of talents, gifts, and abilities to do whatever they did best to be a part of the project! He called on people to offer what they had (gold, bronze, oil, goat hair!) and to do what they could do (cut stones, make art, spin the goat hair!) to work together building the Tabernacle of the Lord. What a picture of God’s people, using their gifts and talents, wisdom and even material possessions as a community to magnify the Lord.

May we all be inspired to consider in the year ahead what we have been individually gifted with, and how we might offer the Lord what we have to build His Kingdom. There is no greater honor!

Written by Monica Swanson •

2018 Fundraising Campaign Update

Without God providing through generous supporters like you, this ministry would not be possible! The Walking On Water ministry has always depended most of all on individual donations for our financial support. It has been so encouraging once again this year to see God continue to provide for His ministry through your generous giving! After the San Diego and Orange County fundraiser banquets, the total amount raised is now $206,000. Our end of 2018 fundraising goal of $500,000 will provide for this next important season of ministry growth in 2019! At the banquets we praised God for the 50 million people who have heard the Gospel over the past 23 years through the Walking On Water surf camps, movies, and mission trips. However we shared how God has put a vision in our hearts to reach 500 million people over the next 10 years through “On Screen Amazingness and Off Screen Life Changing Adventures”. To accomplish this exciting goal of reaching kids on their screens we will be producing consistent on screen shows, a new surf film, connecting with this generation on social media, and producing major motion pictures. However we also want to get the kids off their screens and into life changing adventures, so we are committed to continuing to provide day and overnight surf camps, mission trips, leadership retreats, and surf trips. Will you please prayerfully consider helping us reach the $500K goal by making a tax deductible donation and by introducing Walking On Water to your contacts who might be excited to know about it?

To make a donation securely online, visit