Australia Theatrical Release of Beyond Sight

Twelve years ago an Australian friend of mine named Rod Hopping shared his vision with me about how he wanted to see faith based films impact the Australian culture with the Gospel.  As Rod and I sat down last week at the American Film Market conference in Los Angeles, he reminded me of his vision and how our Walking On Water films were his first faith based movies that his company Heritage Films distributed.  Rod and his Heritage Films’ team have done an incredible job working hard to make this vision become a reality!  Heritage Films just released the Beyond Sight movie in theaters in fifteen major cities throughout Australia.  We were so blessed to hear reports from our friends throughout Australia loving the movie!  One friend said, “Bryan it was a really good turn out and the really exciting thing for me personally was I had two guys from my work come.  On Monday back at work I was waiting for the persecution and instead they made comments like – “it wasn’t like most surf movies it was really positive and more motivational”. The world tour and theatrical release of Beyond Sight continues to Arizona, Hawaii, Canada, and to anywhere we are invited by a leader or organization.