“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy;  I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly.” – John 10:10

Everyone is looking for an abundant life. Some search for it through work or pursuing a passion, others look for it in relationships or travel. Many people spend their whole life striving to find fulfillment and satisfaction. Unfortunately, most people miss the one place where a truly abundant life can be found: In a relationship with God.

In John 10:10 Jesus declares that He came to this earth to offer us the abundant life we all long for. Jesus compared himself to a loving shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep. To emphasize this sacrificial love, Jesus contrasts it to the enemy’s motives, which are always selfish. The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.

Though we as Christians may never set out on a mission to find an abundant life in work or things or people, if we are honest we too often seek fulfillment outside of God’s love. The enemy is crafty and cunning, and will do most anything to convince us that a truly full life can be found anywhere but where God wants us. Without even knowing it we can fall into his trap and find ourselves outside of God’s will, and wondering why our life is less than abundant.

May we be quick to catch ourselves seeking fulfillment outside of God’s will. Let us be aware any time we are tempted by the enemy’s lies. And let us daily stay near to the Lord, and enjoy the abundant life only He can give.

Written by Monica Swanson  •