Beyond Sight Movie Update:
The exciting journey of producing the Beyond Sight movie continues to be full of miraculous open doors!  Recently the producer of Hollywood hits like Blindside, Dolphin Tale, and The Book Of Eli (He is one of the top 15 movie producers of the world) met with Bryan Jennings to encourage him that the Beyond Sight movie has the potential to be a great story that the entire world will see and be inspired by.  Simon Swart who is the VP of Fox Home Entertainment also recently encouraged Bryan and the production team to work hard on Beyond Sight because, “It has the potential to be a best documentary Oscar nomination.”  Bryan Jennings (Producer and Co-Director), Bruno Lemos (Co-Director), and Nathan Apffel (Producer and Editor) will be traveling to Derek Rabelo’s hometown of Spirit De Santos, Brazil on April 29th – May 8th.  This will be the final filming trip for the Beyond Sight movie.  We are currently working hard on the editing, story, music, and distribution plans.  Our goal is to have a rough draft of the movie finished by June 1st.  We are hoping for the release date to be in October of 2013 but want to make sure we have enough time to promote this special movie nationwide and worldwide before it is released.  Our goal is to see this entire generation inspired by Derek’s story much like Bethany Hamilton’s story did.  Lets all continue to live by faith and NOT by sight.