Thank you for your continued support of Walking On Water!  This ministry would not be possible without you. Our fundraising goals for 2011 were to reach $4,900 in monthly support and $50,000 in one time donations. After our Annual Fundraiser Banquet we are still in need of $4,450 in monthly support and $27,000 in one time donations. Would you please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the Walking On Water Ministry so that we can reach our fundraising goals for 2011 and continue to share the Gospel message with the youth of this generation? In order to make a one time or monthly donation, please visit the donation page on our website at

Thank you so much for your continued support!

We would also like to report on our Annual Fundraiser Luau which was hosted at Horizon North County this past month. We were encouraged to celebrate, with many of you in live attendance, all that God has done in and through the Walking On Water Ministry as we reminisced over this past year’s events at our Annual Banquet. It was truly a blessing to spend the evening with 300+ fellow believers who share in our passion to reach this generation’s youth with the Gospel message of Jesus Christ! From landing a distribution deal with Sony pictures to producing our next documentary film titled Promised Land, the Lord has continued to work in ways which are exceedingly beyond what we could ask for or imagine! We would like to extend a special thank you to Horizon North County for hosting the banquet as well as extend our gratitude to all those who donated items toward the silent auction – Ron Nugent, Craig James, Arthur Cahero, Jonathan Hussey, Dan Van Zanten, Matt Beard, Siobhan McKenna, Dr. Renee Pronovost, John Carper, David Daughters, Frank and Julie Garrido, Andy Albrecht, Jacob Dildine, Christina Robeck, Quiksilver and Surf Ride. Without your generosity and support, the evening would not have been possible! If you were not able to make it to the Celebration Luau, we would like to invite you to watch our 2011 year recap video at